Sunday, August 29

My Blue Collection

I promised to post a photo of my Blue Collection.  I love all the Maggie Walker designs.  I have Roseville and A Gathering of Angels to do. I love the fabrics.  I was fortunate enough to get to meet Maggie Walker and take a photo of the original Blue Collection at the quilt show in Houston a few years back.

Thursday, August 26

Finally getting this baby quilt pin basted

I can get on the floor long enough to baste a baby quilt but not anything bigger. :(  It's been a long time since I have even tried it.  If I get behind on getting a baby quilt out I usually make it a bit larger.  This one is larger but I am not behind yet.  Going to get it quilted today... I hope. I will try to quilt the baby's first name in the border. The back is flannel.

Heat press batting tape.

Have you tried this?  I think 10 yards would go a long way for $8.00 if it didn't shift at all. Maybe it is best for smaller projects? I really waste batting all the time. 

Tuesday, August 24

I'm ready....

for my very first quilt-a-long! It takes me a long time to audition which fabric to use for what...well, except for a string quilt....anyway, I am so excited about this quilt-a-long.  (You'd think I was a school girl getting ready for school or something.)  Did I pick the right one to start with?  I think so.  I welcome all advice with free motion quilting using a domestic machine. I am trying to guess the designs we will do...maybe it'll be designs in a vertical line which I have never done....humm....but what about the vertical seams in this pieced top?  Free motion....seems like it would go OVER the seams.  Well...we shall see.  :-) 

Today...another row added.

Gonna take a break from this string quilt. I can't figure out what size I want to make it. It doesn't look too much different from yesterday.  (I have very little orange fabric to continue). Some of these fabrics might look familiar to you. (I have friends who have shared their stash with me...especially dark fabrics). Most of my fabric is older.  I have not purchased very much fabric for the last 5-6 years.

Sunday, August 22

On my design wall today

I have been wanting to do something with my scrap strips.  There are so many options ... kalidescope?...spider?....on paper?  or muslin?  or?   I finally decided on an 8 1/2 inch square of white-on-white foundation (My white center). I wished I had made the center white strip one inch instead of 2 inches. I got the color placement idea from Penny here. I need to hurry up and get this finished as my sewing room is a mess with piles of scraps everywhere!

 I can't seem to remember to set the current time on my camera.  I am 4 years off!

Friday, August 20


My sewing room is workable.  My Dh put up a super light for me.  What a treat!  I still have arranging to do but I just had to go cut up some fabric.  First on my to do list was the blocks for the Cancer is Sew Done group.

Circles.....oh my gosh...I believe in following the pattern exactly for the first block and  after that, do as I please.  Circles....uh....I followed the tutorial....

What's a needle-turn hand appliquer to do?.....circles.....(I am used to LITTLE circles)......this tutorial called for raw edge zig fusible web, no stabilizer on the sure I can do this machine stuff.

After the first block I decided it was pretty cool.  I did run for the spray starch and with my little ended up being fun and I had to make me stop making them.  It would of been nice if my needle-down would work.

 I think I'll make a quilt with this block...someday. I kept wondering how the quilter was going to quilt it.

Tuesday, August 17

I Won! What a super nice surprise.

Sorry for the delay. I have been unpacking for a few weeks now. I am finally getting a photo of the three adorable Feeling Groovy FQ's by Windham Fabrics From Granny Quilts give-a-way. Very cute!  Thanks Mary,