Thursday, July 22

My Favorite Wedding Gift

Here is a photo of what I like to make as a wedding gift. This is one I made for my friend, Mary. Sometimes I use the couple's wedding colors. My friend Teena shared the pattern with me. When I unpack my sewing I can post the pattern if anyone is interested.


I have spent all week packing. Moving from Texas to Arkansas. Wonder how all my sewing will fit in the new sewing room. Will be interesting. Looking forward to getting this blog going when i get moved. See ya then.

Wednesday, July 21

Fabric Bookmarks

I know several who are looking for a fabric bookmark idea. I loved this technique from Pink Chalk Studio. I plan to use the design of a flower or folk art image. (First I have to get this pellon from JoAnns before I move away from a JoAnn's).

Friday, July 16

Card Making Class

Your pictures and fotos in a slideshow on MySpace, eBay, Facebook or your website!view all pictures of this slideshow

Thinking of a project that is not "King size"

I will have to come up with another quilt for me. Thinking of doing a bed topper or a bed "runner". Here is the book I got at Linda's shop, Remember Me Quilt Shop.

Monday, July 12

Flower Basket

This was a beginner challenge some years ago. I can't wait to do another dimensional flower wall hanging. I have been collecting coral colored fat quarters for my next one.

Heart Wall hanging

This is my second heart wall hanging. It was fun to do. I need to get a picture of Becky's. It is really pretty. I love it.

Shoo Fly quilt for Derrick and Melissa.

I didn't think I could finish another king quilt this year. I love the scrappy look. My DH helped me put this in the frame for pen basting.

I love flowers, the bigger the better.

I thought my sewing room needed a splash of color.

Allen's quilt finally finished

Each block consists of 8 pieces. I hand pieced the majority of it. I decided to finish it using the sewing machine. I didn't think I would live long enough to get it finished at the rate I was going. (2 years to hand piece it).

Another eagle on my design wall.

This pattern gives instructions for fused applique but I am doing needle turn with the exception of the head. Kinda doing a few different techniques of applique along with fused. This is a pattern from Keepsake Quilting.