Sunday, February 27

What is this embroidery stitch called?

I am reposting this picture.  I wish to learn more about this stitch.  It was on several of the old 1920-30's quilts. Are people still using this stitch?

Thursday, February 24

Old Harlin House for lunch (Gainsville, Missouri)

Keeping memories alive.  Built in 1912, this 3 story home was restored "just the way it was".  We enjoyed seeing the interior and the food was great!

There was one quilt hanging on the wall in the room we ate in and I took some photos of it. I loved this quilt.   

Ozark Historical Society Quilt Display in Gainesville, MO.

Most of these quilts were made in the 1930's and 1940's.

I think this is the one donated to be raffled.

I took these two pictures to show how these quilts were hung from the ceiling.  This was new to me.

 This frame was a bit different. 

What is this embroidery stitch called?  You can see this stitch up close by double clicking on the photo.

I wish I could remember to change the year on my camera.  Duh..