Saturday, October 13

Patchwork Illusions workshop with Karen Combs

This was a no stress, fun class.  (I expected it to be hard and stressful.)  I am so crazy about Karen Combs work that I just had to take her class.  It was the most fun I have ever had as any workshop!

This was a different pattern she showed at Guild meeting.

These are the two blocks I made.  I wonder if I could get anyone to send me photos of their blocks to post here too?

Combing Through Your Scraps with Karen Combs

Here she used medium prints for the borders since they didn't go anywhere else.

This is "controlled scraps" where she used only 2 family colors, red and light green.

This is the layout I chose.  It is only half finished.  I hesitate to show mine.  I used some OLD stretched 2 inch squares.
Gosh, I wished I had taken pictures of what all the other people did.  Karen Combs was just a sweetheart.  We all loved her classes.