Saturday, January 7

Santa came my way!

My DH has done everything he can to help me get back into quilting.......he bought me a Go Cutter, Start Right quilting frame, and a steam press!  Oh, and a Kindle Fire. Oh my, I still can't believe it....I think he is caught up with gift giving for years!! 

 I can't wait to play with the Go Cutter.   I didn't know I had to order the cutting mats separately.  I thought one mat came with each die.  I ordered enough to hold me for awhile. :-)


  1. Looks cool but I really don't have any idea what it does. Just dropped in to see what my big sis was up to!
    Lil brother

  2. Happy for your creative achievements and for the facilities you are now provided with! I do hope it will help you to sew many wonderful items of interior for home and cute outfits for family!