Friday, December 10

Card Class Surprise

Look what Margaret made all of us! She made the box, the decorations and of course the contents!  It is just adorable!  I can't believe she got around to making 20-25 of these right after having major surgery.  She is so talented.


  1. Love the little note pad. A very useful and thoughtful gift.

  2. Glad you liked it...easy to make and I had to have an excuse to use my new rosette die on the box.

  3. Just hopped over from In Stitches. I like your blog. I will return to check out more.

  4. I'm here visiting from Jolly Bingo. Those are amazing handmade items from someone who just had surgery. They must be very special as well as lovely.

  5. Just popped over fom Stiches.
    What beautiful gifts.
    You have done some amazing work Emily.
    Loved your Blue Collection, Alan's Quilt and the wall hanging
    "Thou Shalt not Whine"
    Happy Holidays.

  6. Hi! I am visiting from Holly Jolly Blog Bingo, Blog Roll.
    Very nice work from a person that just had surgery. Amazing.
    Happy holidays.
    gramisews at gmail dot com

  7. Thanks for joining my blog--Another Mary Ann Custom Machine Quilting. I've been cruising through your a little today and love it! I'm hooked. I'm also a retired RN!