Sunday, September 12

I made a few shawls

I have a dear, sweet neighbor named Grace Learn who makes these wonderful shawls and I just had to make one too.  Here is the two I have made so far.  Working on another colorful one.  Which one do you think I can get away with wearing...I an old lady?   I can't wait to wear them.  Thanks to Grace I am addicted to making them and I love them! I am not sure my little granddaughter, Jolie, would like one......I want to make her one too.


  1. Totally gorgeous shawls. I love crochet and knitting too but can't read the pattern so well. Your are adorable - Hugs Nat

  2. Your shawls turned out Beautiful!
    I'll bet that Jolie would LOVE a shawl if you decide to make one for her!