Friday, August 20


My sewing room is workable.  My Dh put up a super light for me.  What a treat!  I still have arranging to do but I just had to go cut up some fabric.  First on my to do list was the blocks for the Cancer is Sew Done group.

Circles.....oh my gosh...I believe in following the pattern exactly for the first block and  after that, do as I please.  Circles....uh....I followed the tutorial....

What's a needle-turn hand appliquer to do?.....circles.....(I am used to LITTLE circles)......this tutorial called for raw edge zig fusible web, no stabilizer on the sure I can do this machine stuff.

After the first block I decided it was pretty cool.  I did run for the spray starch and with my little ended up being fun and I had to make me stop making them.  It would of been nice if my needle-down would work.

 I think I'll make a quilt with this block...someday. I kept wondering how the quilter was going to quilt it.


  1. So how do you put the circles together. They look great! Want more info!!!

  2. I made a 9 inch circle from freezer paper and ironed it onto the block, cut it out, then a zig zag stitch over the raw edge....slowly. (Is this where I am suppose to reply to you?)

  3. It looks great. I am sure it would make a fabulous quilt. I can see one done with various sizes of circles.