Thursday, July 22

My Favorite Wedding Gift

Here is a photo of what I like to make as a wedding gift. This is one I made for my friend, Mary. Sometimes I use the couple's wedding colors. My friend Teena shared the pattern with me. When I unpack my sewing I can post the pattern if anyone is interested.


  1. What a wonderful idea for a wedding gift!!! So personal, special and a real keep-sake. I like the blog name. I embroider and I like to doodle, so the name is a favorite. Did you pick the name because you doodle with machine quilting. That is one thing I've never learned to do is free motion machine quilting. I'd love to and a small piece like yours would be perfect. Welcome to blog world! It is fun.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I love to read blogs, not sure I am capable of making one. I don't even know where to reply to your comment. (I guess here?) Thanks for the sweet comment. Yes, I doodle with machine quilting. You can take your pencil doodles to the machine. That is how to practice first is with pencil and paper. You are right, a small piece is perfect.

  3. Hi Emily. Thanks for visiting my blog. I see we have at in common - retired RN and quilting!!!!

    I love your bookmarks! I also think your wedding quilt is such a fabulous idea. To use the couples colors only adds to the special-ness of the gift.

    I will definitely be checking back with you. Mary

  4. Hey, sis, I'm going to use the rick rack bookmark method too. I really like that one too. My daughter-in-laws are going to really like these bookmarks for their classrooms.